Press pause and breathe .... whenever you feel a sense of overwhelm by family challenges, peer pressure, demands at work, past regrets, future worries, or the stress from feeling “should upon” in many areas of your life.  

Throughout the day, pause and take a deep breath or two, not thinking about your breath but feeling your breath in your body. Perhaps give it a try, right now.  Take a long, slow inhale through the nose, feeling your chest expand..... and exhale s l o w l y through the mouth, feeling a sense of letting go.  Take another deep inhale, feeling the fullness of your breath as it fills your body, and exhale s l o w l y, feeling a gentle softening or release.  

Press pause and breathe .... as many times as you like during the day, and just notice how you feel afterward.  It might just feel something like, "ahhhhhhhh!"