Shame Thrives in Secrecy...

Brene' Brown, a best selling author, researcher, and social work professor at the University of Houston, states that shame needs three things to grow:  secrecy, silence, and judgment.  

Is there something about me, that if you knew, you wouldn't want to be my friend, colleague, or partner anymore?  Think about it....  People often tuck away shame to protect themselves from what they really fear..... disconnection. Individual therapy can offer a place to unravel the secrecy of shame in one's life, in a supportive and non-judgmental way.  It is a collaborative process that involves moving slowly, with openness and curiosity, and providing a safe space for one to explore feelings of vulnerability as they emerge.

As your therapist, I will be with you in this process. We will work together to disarm your shame stories and encourage your growth towards connection and a life that feels more vital and alive. For a confidential phone consultation, please contact me at 224-408-0115, or email me at: 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rebecca Strauss, LCSW