PeRfECTly IMperfect

Good. Bad. Perfect. Imperfect. One doesn’t come without the other.  How often do your personal challenges or perceived imperfections get in the way of feeling good about yourself?  Have you ever considered the ways in which imperfections are actually necessary for feeling vital, alive, human, and connected to others?  It’s just a different way of looking at things, and looking at things differently can certainly start the process of feeling better overall.

Consider for a moment, the ways in which you may have grown stronger from having to study harder than others, pay closer attention to your health, budget your resources differently, or survive the chaos of everyday life because certain things didn’t go as planned. Imperfections allow reservoirs of courage to show up in both subtle and determined ways.  Perhaps looking at them differently will create space for change in ways that will allow you to celebrate the “perfectly imperfect” all of you.